The Norwegian singer-songwriter Enok Amrani has released a series of very soulful songs since 2016, which, based on the intimate lyrics, revolve almost exclusively around the number one theme. The velvety, wonderfully dreamy voice, with which Amrani can immediately convince, goes well with his great love songs. He most recently attracted positive attention in 2022 with the single Thinkin' On My Sins , an emotional ballad and mixture of pop, soul and folk that is reminiscent of the slow pieces by Thomas Dybdahl . With his very own and immediately familiar vocal color, Enok Amrani reaches deep into the heart-ache box. It often sounds a lot like Simply Red . The current single All these Years is not just romantic cuddles but a solid love song with rocky touches of color. ”

Pretty In Noise

This beautiful masterpiece “Stay True To Your Dreams” by Norwegian singer-songwriter Enok Amrani is one of the best songs we’ve heard in months. Amrani’s voice is a piece of heaven and his vocal performance is more than professional which shows how talented he is. The production of this song is brilliant and the melodies are very catchy. Enok Amrani is a skilled artist and his lyrics are original and very meaningful. This song is on another level and brings a new vibe with every listen. We hope you love this song as much as we do!”

Cheers To The Vikings

"The Truth" is the latest from the Norwegian Enok Amrani, who arrives with a very calm proposal, as if he had the clear elegance of an artist with the intention of belonging to our intimacy with the correct work of a light and particular sound, to which he elevates a Very clear musical pact between the listener and him, as if we were in a direct conversation without tricks, capable of elevating the sensational idea of ​​emotional meditation with slow and well-worked sounds. There is real work in every sound that we find here, balancing the idea of ​​peace with that of the sensuality of the musician, supporting concrete and safe sounds in a few minutes of execution. ”

Indie Criollo

"Enok Amrani – “How Many Tears”   -This is a cool track. I don’t mean like surf boards and lingo. I mean like the guitar licks and understated vibe just feels cool as in the temperature. The overall composition just make the listener feel relaxed. It’s a supremely engaging overall sound. I definitely dig the mood created by this track. It would fit right in with a playlist of easy going rock music."  ”


EnokAmrani produces indie acoustic folk work that heavily reflects the Nordic environment in which he lives. The Norwegian singer/songwriter brings a high degree of precision to his material and gives it a melancholic (sometimes quite bleak) tinge. The overall effect he achieves is quite breathtaking. His musical influences include Thomas Dybdahl, Sivert Høyem, Ryan Adams, John Mayer, Ben Howard, Bruce Springsteen, Emmylou Harris, Willie Nelson, Nick Cave, Tom Petty and Tom McRae.  ”

— Radio Wigwam